The book prices and order details are below:

NEMESIS FILE: ISBN 0954888006 is 7.95
EMILY'S HOUR: ISBN 0954888039 is 7.95
ROCASTLE'S VENGEANCE: ISBN 0954888014 is 9.95
MAGDAELENA'S REDEMPTION: ISBN 9780954888022 is 9.95
OLYMPIC NEMESIS: ISBN: 9780954888046
FLANAGAN'S LEGACY: ISBN: 9780954888053

The book can be ordered directly through Jim Morley from the contacts page and the ISBN can be given to any book shop to order in for you.

For each order directly through Jim, he will generously donate 1 to a chosen charity from either:

Frensham Pond Sailability
Friends of Chichester Harbour

Jim Morley at a book signing