Just released....Olympic Nemesis...

A gripping quest for olympic sailing gold, could all be ruined by an internet gambling syndicate...or could it?

Emily Simpson, age twenty-one, trainee barrister, is a member of a three girl sailing team with Olympic ambitions. Emily, main character of James Morley’s Emily’s Hour, cannot live a trouble free life. Memories of her childhood abduction haunt her. The death of a policeman and her mother’s tangled ancestry threaten her with dangers none of her making. Her partner Tom also survived abduction when age ten.

Emily’s father, former Olympic sailing medallist, Steve, suffers a stroke.

Recovery is slow and he offloads his depression on his family. Emily and her mother Kirsten persuade Steve to try a Paralympic racing boat. It becomes a magic moment that restores Steve’s humour and ambition. He becomes eligible for the Paralympics in an Olympic Games held in the mysterious South American country of Olifa.

Emily’s three girl match racing crew travel to Olympic trial regattas in: New Zealand, France, Italy and finally Israel. Emily is plagued by Hammersen, a Norwegian journalist, who believes the false rumour that Kirsten, Emily’s Danish mother, is a descendent of the Nazi leadership. Hammersen is assisted by the woman whose uncle was killed when Emily escaped the fire siege.


Three years forward.

Emily sails for Great Britain in the Olympics staged in Olifa, a small but wealthy, South American country. Steve has been selected for the sailing Paralympics in the month following the main games.

Both Emily and her father become victims of a ruthless international gambling syndicate who stand to lose millions in ante post betting on a father daughter double gold.

Olympic Nemesis contains characters from previous novels a moving love story, tension, humour and graphic descriptions of yacht racing.

Coming soon in 2011.......FLANAGAN'S LEGACY......

"A tale of conspiracy and political chicanery spanning seventy five years.
Apart from a prologue set in France in 1919 all the action takes place in 1994."

An American plot to invade the British Isles in 1919. The massacre of children in a Spanish village in 1937. Two unrelated events come back to haunt the life of Clare O'Dwyer a young woman unborn at the time of either. She has inherited the fortune and effects of grandfather, James O'Dwyer: American politician, war hero, rogue, charlatan, and last survivor of the Flanagan plot. Revelation, even after seventy years, could destroy Britain's special relationship with the US, and damage peace talks in Northern Ireland. Rumour says that Clare has inherited documentary proof of the plot. There is a race by rival intelligence services and terrorist groups to find the papers. Clare has no papers and no knowledge of where they are. She is not believed. Her sailing yacht, Quadra is targeted by terrorists and searched by MI5. To escape the clamour she runs to sea in the boat with her English lover, Michael Walters. The voyage takes them from Sussex to northern France, Dorset, Cornwall, and finally West Cork. They escape capture at sea, kidnap on land, interrogation by French and British intelligence and the CIA. Michael is ordered to spy on Clare.

In Ireland the couple try to unravel the mystery for themselves. They are seized by special-forces, and interrogated again. Then a centenarian priest in a retirement home gives them a clue. As they come closer to the truth they stumble on an arms exchange between the IRA and the Basque ETA. They are forced to carry part of the illegal arms in Quadra, the bulk being in a Spanish trawler. In a force ten storm the trawler sinks. They rescue her crew and hand them to the authorities. They return to England without the yacht no nearer to finding the papers and still being harassed. Michael is the target of a disinformation campaign with false rumours about his business and alleged sex life with a girl employee. He is interrogated once more this time under threat to his life. He misses death by seconds in what his interrogator intends to look like a suicide.

But Michael has now discovered the real whereabouts of the papers. There is a final confrontation in which the truth is revealed and Clare learns something about her grandfather, the ultimate surprise twist of the novel that will change her life forever.