Jim has written many very successful books:

A prison van is ambushed on a remote road and a notorious murderer is lynched. Two prison warders are also murdered. But one of the warders is a close friend of Emily and Tom Stoneman and their journalist friend Dave Manning. The police are baffled so Dave makes his own investigation.

But now both Dave and his pregnant wife, Josie are in danger. Dave finds a wealthy tycoon is involved but the final exposure is a shock to all.

This takes place in Southern England in the coldest winter for one hundred years. Likewise some of the action is in New Zealand in the equivalent hottest summer.

A fraudulent insurance firm refuses to pay out for a yacht fire. Rising court barrister, Emily Stoneman is given the task of prosecuting. The case solicitor, Justin meets boatyard secretary Leanne and they form a loving relationship. But Justin has a vengeful ex-wife who ill-treats their marriage child. So law and love are the two themes. We sail and race boats on Chichester Harbour and watch Emily in court. But there is a tense and scary twist before the very happy ending. This is James Morley’s first romantic novel and a departure from earlier work
Simon Robsby a bluntly spoken Yorkshire man leaves the army and takes a jog selling farm machinery in Southern England. A potential culture clash but Simon finds a friendly employer and does well. He has a wife, Angie and two children: rebellious teenage, Lizzie and younger son, Mark.

The family settle in the eccentric village of Shinkley. While exploring nearby woods the children find a little girl, Anna who has escaped from an abusive cult. They take her home and the family adopt her.

But Simon has a dark secret from his army days that Angie must never know.

The novel is full of Pathos, humour and affection for the Sussex countryside and its people.

A historical saga covering most of the last century and some of this one.

Tangled Retribution: Did a half million dollar bribe to throw a yacht race lead to the brutal murder of a Yacht Master? Why should this threaten Emily Stoneman and her newborn baby?
The Nemesis File, his widely acclaimed first novel with a sailing theme, was published in 2005. Rocastle's Vengeance his second was launched in May 2006 and is the book that grew from his affection for the Dorset countryside and coastline.
Magdalena's Redemption launched in September 2007 is a mystery thriller set in East Hampshire against the background of agricultural recession. Emily's Hour: an adventure thriller on the theme of global warming is aimed at both an adult and teenage market and was published in 2008
Olympic Nemesis: Released in May 2010, a nail biting story about a girls quest for olympic sailing gold. Or is it all threatened by a deep gambling secret? Flanagan's Legacy: Can a piece of long gone history come back to threaten the lives of two young people today?

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